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Streaming Live Sunday Mass

• 8:00 AM - St. Margaret's

• 10:30 AM St. James

In these trying times, our participation in the holy sacrifice of the mass is limited. We still need to support our local churches.
There are several ways to support financially. Special intentions and envelopes’ may be dropped off at: St. Margaret’s office, Wednesday and Friday
To pay online go to:
Please select parish- Kimball - St Margaret or Chamberlain - St James

Rejoicing Together Again!

Dear Parishioners,

Greetings in Christ to all,

Since last communication, which was mailed to inform parishioners about resuming the celebrations of the weekend Masses in both parishes.

We were rejoicing to be together again and celebrating life the Holy Sacrifice of Christ, after eight weekends of staying in our homes.

Each of those weekends I celebrated Masses with the assistance of Jim and Mo, our Deacons. It was surreal experience. Thanks to streaming live our Masses by Dn. Jim, we were connected to our Lord making, Himself present on the Altars of St. James and St. Margaret Churches. (Technology can be a blessing).

Last Sunday we resumed the celebration of the Eucharist in both Churches with limited number of attending parishioners (Social distancing) necessary for avoiding infection.

We are cautiously excited about the possibility of celebrating the Eucharist in our Churches every weekend. Unfortunately because of the necessary social distancing from each other (6’ distance in all directions) we are going to be able to accommodate fewer people than we are use to.

Knowing this, our Bishop Donald DeGrood, give dispensation to the pastors, allowing, for the spiritual welfare of the people of God, to offer additional Mass on Saturday or Sunday night. After talking with the Deacons, they accepted my decision to celebrate 2 Masses on Saturday evening: ST. JAMES: at 4:00 pm, ST. MARGARET: at 6:00pm. Beginning on May 30th, 2020; Time of Sunday Masses do not change.

• Daily week Mass: St. James: Monday and Thursday at Noon
• St. Margaret:
Wednesday and Friday at Noon

We will be live streaming Masses only on Sunday morning.

1. If you are uncomfortable being in the Church for any reason with many people around; please stay home, during this time of the pandemic; there is NO sin for not attending Mass. Gave special dispensation from the American Bishop Conference.

2. Sign up for mass is encouraged. To prevent, overcrowding and option of being turned away. Please email Diane at or call 734-6122 # 3. We will need to know the number of people attending from your family. This needs to be done by every Wednesday. That way we can plan for the seating, and adjust for the number of people. We will seat people at St. Margaret’s in the basement; St James, in the Community hall. No one is to set in the chairs in the lobby at St. Margaret’s.

3. In case of the virus being detected in our part of eastern SD, our Church activities including Mass will be suspended.

4. Ushers will be directing to your seat. There will be a sign at the bottom of the steps, saying ushers will seat and dismiss parishioners. Please sanitize your hands, sanitizer will be provided for you. Sanitizer located at the bottom of the steps and by the elevator. Ushers for a particular Mass are to arrive at the church 45 minutes prior for instructions.

5. Collection will not be taken up. At St. Margaret’s there will be an offering basket’s in the main isle and by the elevator.

6. Communion: Those who wish to take communion will stand and Father and the Deacons will distribute between the rows. There is nothing wrong if you decide not to receive Holy Communion.

Please be a little patient with us as we are learning new things as we go along.

Father and other Priest are communicating to get new ideas every day.

With gratitude and daily prayers for your intentions, especially for protection from the Virus, Yours in Christ,

Fr. Andrew Swietochowski

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